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With countless opportunities to reach potential customers, we empower individuals to meet their marketing goals, boost sales, and build an engaged community.


Leverage discounts to promote your brand

Take your deals to the next level with Netbinc integrated tools. We empower everyone to design, publish, & manage deals directly in the app—no more waiting for distributors’ schedules. Customers are immediately notified of new offers from their favorite listings.

netbinc deals
netbinc deals

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Keep your followers in the loop by sharing updates & promotions with photos, videos, and links. Expand your reach when your content appears on users’ Feed, Videos, Quicks, Search, & Profile. Receive real-time notifications when customers interact with your listing for quick response - build trust & loyalty.


Handle multiple customers simultaneously

Busy making orders or in an important meeting? Not picking up the phone in time can turn potential customers away, leaving a bad impression on your business. Our real-time messenger gives you the power to stay connected with customers from anywhere at any time. A convenient & easy way to deliver great customer service.

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Convert leads into sales when customers directly message your business

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No more need for printed menus, brochures, flyers, or paper coupons. With a simple scan, anyone can explore your Listing Page, products, services, deals, & more. Attract new customers by adding your QR code to windows, tables, cars, and websites.

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